TurboDirect S.A have an in-depth understanding with the agricultural market, and the machinery used in this industry. We know the shortcomings of the turbochargers used on these machines, and we have the solutions to extend the life of your turbochargers. We offer brand new genuine turbochargers for all makes and model agricultural equipment at a fraction of the cost from the OEM vehicle/machine dealers. We carry out repairs in-house with nothing but Genuine parts guaranteed, we are the only company in South Africa that is able to conduct a repair using brand new genuine parts for the pricing that other repairers charge for low quality chinese product, or internally modified parts

Examples of the shortcomings in the South african turbocharger repair market include:- Grinding turbine shafts down and making over sized bearings, using mismatched oversized rotating components and machining them into damaged end housings. Using steel epoxy to cover up damaged internal profiles inside housings, and painting over the repair, use of chinese copied product being installed into used original end housings - giving the impression that the turbocharger is a “genuine service exchange”

All TurboDirect S.A repairs carry original OEM name plates on the brand new genuine turbochargers and/or CHRA’s which have full traceability and guaranteed warranty backup. In the case of a bonafide warrantee, it does not cost us a cent to honour such warranty as we are backed up directly by the OEM turbocharger manufacturer. TurboDirect S.A are the only turbocharger company that is officially accepted by the OEM manufacturers to write warranty reports and forensic analysis. At TurboDirect S.A - you are not dealing with a turbocharger repairer, you are dealing with the company that holds the direct agencies with the OEM manufacturers - we are the importers and agents for the original turbocharger on your vehicle/machine - we sell direct, and have the highest technical knowledge in the country bar none.

We aim to keep your machinery running, and running reliably, consistently, the way the OEM designed it!