Chris Kambouris
TurboDirect S.A was formed by its current MD and major shareholder Chris Kambouris. With Kambouris at its helm, the business has grown exponentially with substantial milestones in the business’ and product development lifecycle. TurboDirect S.A have direct distribution agencies for the largest turbocharger manufacturers in the world, and develop its own in-house designed and manufactured turbocharger related performance products. 
Kambouris graduated as an electronic engineer in 1995 and has a strong technical engineering knowledge base and experience. TurboDirect S.A has been associated directly with the Garrett by Honeywell brand for over a decade with close relationships with the business. Kambouris is a certified fixed wing pilot and holds 3 different and current aviation licenses.  Kambouris is married and a father of two children.
Leonie Kambouris
TurboDirect S.A’s current Sales Director, joined the company in 2016 and has extensive sales management experience in the automotive vehicle sales field. Leonie has won numerous sales awards, including as top sales person for Kia Motors sales for South Africa region. Leonie currently looks after all the sales affairs at TurboDirect S.A and directly manages key customer accounts. Mother of two children, Leonie has experience in the clothing design and manufacture industry and currently manages the TurboDirect S.A in-house clothing line. 
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