TurboDirect S.A are officially recognised by Honeywell Garrett as an acredited training centre for the latest technology turbochargers. We offer a course that is certified by Garrett directly, and utilises the same Garrett syllabus, along with additional case study material from our 20 year experience in the market, making our training courses unmatched in the world today. We offer the following level courses

1) The basic introduction to turbochargers
2) Technical aspects of product matching, and formulas relating to turbochargers
3) Advanced failure analysis and basic introduction to metallurgical techniques
4) Advanced installation, trouble shooting, and corrective procedures relating to installations, replacement and repairs of turbochargers and their related electronic and mechanical components.

Together with unrivalled technical knowledge and Pre & Post sales advise, the TurboDirect S.A experience is one that is long lasting and confided in by many of South Africa’s top tuners, racers and engine builders.

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