TurboDirect S.A are the leading turbocharger distributor in South Africa. We have unrivalled technical knowledge about the products we import, represent and repair. We hold the direct distribution agencies for the largest turbocharger manufacturers in the world. We are well known in the industry as the industry leaders and direct source for product, support, forensics, and technical direction by our customers and the general market alike.

TurboDirect S.A are a customer focussed, company ensuring the best possibly environment for our staff. We have opportunities for growth and entrenchment into the business, and offer a career in our field, as opposed to a job. With the turbocharger market far from saturaiton, we believe that this product is the most exciting automotive product that yields the largest growth potential in comparison to any other Automotive product in the world today. 
If you are looking for a career in the most exciting automotive sector in the market today, your first choice should be TurboDirect S.A