TurboDirect SA adds the leading Mitsubishi Turbo brand to its list of exclusive quality OEM International turbo’s

TurboDirect SA adds the leading Mitsubishi Turbo brand to its list of exclusive quality OEM International turbo’s - giving them the official agency for the three top international leading OEM brands in the world.


TurboDirect SA was appointed this month as the official agency and distributor for Mitsubishi Turbo’s in Southern Africa, adding the 3rdleading International turbo brand to their colourful stable of OEM brands.
Mitsubishi together with Garrett and Borg Warner make up 90% of OEM turbos fitted as original equipment to all vehicle produced worldwide, in all sectors including OE in all passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, mining, trucks, marine, construction, generators, agricultural and many other applications.

“This is exciting news for our company, as Mitsubishi Turbochargers will give us many new opportunities, new products, a larger range and more to offer our customers,” said Chris Kambouris founder, owner and MD of TurboDirect SA. “We recently met with Aart Akster, Mitsubishi Holland, Sales Engineer, who awarded us the exclusive agency for his brand. We look forward to working with his team and have many exciting new plans for this brand going forward,” said Kambouris.

“At MTEE (Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe), we cover everything from R&D to production and sales to all the major car manufacturers in Europe and many other countries. With an annual production above 3 million turbochargers, we are the leading experts in this field,” saidAkster. “I met with TurboDirect SA last week and was hugely impressed with their operation, experience, services and expertise, immediately awarding them with the sole exclusive agency, as it’s not often one finds the perfect partner. TurboDirect SA is the leading Turbo operator in Southern Africa, not only do they have all the leading international OEM brands, but also the required experience, expertise, a long history of success in the business, backing it all with all the unique facilities and services. Kambouris is a Turbo specialist not a box/product mover. He can answer all the customer questions, why there is a failure and can support this advice to solve the problem. What it means is a much higher level of service, genuine original turbos, identical to the unit that is in your vehicle from new, along with genuine parts and warranties,” says Akster.

Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V. started the production of turbochargers in 1991 and have recently produced the 30th million turbocharger. They are a group company of MHI who started the production of turbochargers in 1957 and applied this experience to set up the company to manage the European market.

Together with the support from MHI Japan, they cover a significant amount of the market demand of the European automotive industry. In addition to that, their sister companies MTEA (USA), MTA (Thailand) and SMTC (China), also support the turbocharger demand in the other regions of the world ensuring that MHI remains a strong player in the global turbocharger industry. With the continuous strengthening of emission legislation, the global demand for turbochargers is going to grow immensely in the coming years. With an annual production capacity of more than 10 million turbochargers and growing, MHI is well prepared for this growth in demand.

Since the beginning, we have implemented state of the art production equipment for our production and assembly operations and this policy has been pursued ever since. Our production lines are highly automated and operated by well-trained and accurate production personnel. In our production process, we have several stages during which parts are checked in different ways according to our strict quality procedures. Parts are automatically rejected if they do not meet the specifications and our assembly lines are equipped with smart solutions that prevent the assembly from continuing if parts are being assembled incorrectly. In addition, thanks to our Japanese heritage we have successfully adopted kaizen in all aspects of our production, and our process engineers ensure that there is a continuous flow of improvement. By investing in these 3 pillars; equipment, personnel, and kaizen, we can ensure that our production runs efficiently and that our products are of top quality at the end of the production line.

TurboDirect SA are now the official agents for Mitsubishi Turbo chargers, adding them to their other leading brands Borg Warner and Garrett aftermarket turbocharges, built to the OE specifications of the factory-installed part originally in your vehicle in production. Kambouris advises against fitting anything other than the original brand, as they will have significantly better performance and emissions than a non-original copy which run the risk of higher fuel consumption, increased emissions and possible damage to your engine which can result in huge repair costs.

“Many turbo vehicle owners make the same mistake, that ends up costing them, and their vehicles engine may be consequentially damaged through a turbo failure, so we say why risk it. We offer all the services, and will accurately diagnose the problem, do the costing and give a full report, then do all the repairs and fitment if need be at 50% less that all the manufacturers will charge,” said Kambouris.